Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Jake’s Birthday

By Uncle Hans

So a few days ago at practice I showed up looking like this. In commemoration of Jake's birthday, I wore his old away game jersey from high school. It caused quite a reaction and I got a lot of nice comments.......


........... especially when the guys saw the back!  Jake is my 41 year old son and he graduated from Spooner High School in Spooner Wisconsin in 1994. He was a punter and a wide receiver. Happy birthday Jake!



I asked one of the team managers to take a few pictures for the blog. Here I am watching while the offense practices their repertoire.


Here we are doing an agility drill. Agility is not my long suit.


We have been struggling because of our small numbers, as you know. We have been trying to pick up a game with a good college team's JV Squad. We had one set up for Monday the 25th and they called to cancel because they had too many injuries and small numbers. Tonight at practice the coach announced that they had arranged to play the JV Squad at University of Northwestern in St Paul Minnesota on October 2nd.

Uncle Hans

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