Friday, September 15, 2017

Team Lift

By Uncle Hans

Every Monday and Thursday we have what is called "team lift" 0630. This is the Whiteboard that has the assignment for the day. Each of these scribbled abbreviations represents some form of weightlifting torture and how many times you are supposed to repeat each torture. You pick a station and do it in the allotted time. Then you move to the next station. There is a 5 - 7 minute stretching warm-up before and a 5 minute cool down stretching afterward. None of this is designed with the 65 year old couch potato in mind. The left hand side is a modification for people who have an upper-body injury.

     The sadist who makes this up often leaves a little uplifting message in the upper right corner........


The weight room is spacious and nice, but it might not work so well if there were more than 20 of us using it. One of the advantages to having such a small team, I guess.


It's a little hard to see behind the row of treadmills, but this picture shows the "agility" station, where we are carefully taught to jump around like 14 year olds at a school dance.  The object is to touch the floor as little as possible. Like everything else in the weight room, I don't do it very well.........


Of all the aspects of football training I think I dreaded the weight room most. But newbies are paired with experienced lifters and the guys have been good about teaching me how to lift without hurting myself. You get to select your weights and lift at your own ability. So I am dreading it less and less.

     There is one aspect of the weight room I will never come to like. It's the mirrors. They're there so you can watch your form and see if you are lifting correctly.

     When I am on the practice field I am doing everything everyone else is doing, just not as well. Same with the weight room. If I'm having a good day, I can convince myself that I am a twenty-year-old with below average athletic ability. I actually start to feel pretty good.

     But then I look in those damned mirrors and see this old man........


Uncle Hans