Friday, September 22, 2017

Serve Our City

By Uncle Hans

So you can see from the calendar of events that the 21st was "Serve Our City" day.


  It is an annual event where classes are suspended for the day and students volunteer to do community service. It usually involves cleanup or painting or yard work , Etc......


Our group of four was assigned to the home of this elderly lady who needed her flower bed perennials torn out in preparation for winter......


This miniature jungle was my project....


  And this was my weapon.......


I conducted war on the jungle for a couple of hours until it looked like this. She was happy because the flower beds were all ready for the new perennials to come in, in the spring. The rest of the crew worked in other flower beds around her home.


Ellendale is a small farming community, not unlike Postville Iowa, Melrose Minnesota, Stockton Illinois, or Spooner Wisconsin. (all familiar to my family)  Farming has become so much more mechanized and efficient that it takes fewer people for the same amount of land to produce ever-increasing amounts of food. It's all good. But the population of these towns is steadily declining......


These Plucky little towns have found ways to prosper and thrive anyway. Postville lost it’s hospital, Spooner no longer has a new car dealership. But life goes on, and it's peaceful and quiet,


    ………… and a great place to raise kids!

Uncle Hans

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