Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I made it!!! Thru hell and hours of air travel.. which i vow to never do again....flying is the worst!!!! It was great to finally be with my mom!!! Oh and Rex too! A trip to the Lake a beautiful Lake.....the best part was the lady with the pink pants who bit the dust..we didn't ask any questions just got in the car and off to Brothers a non smoking Brothers but we sat outside for the smokers we had with.....And then we went to Carson Station to cash in on some FREE STUFF....I won $20.75 off of $1.00....thats the way i like to play!!!

Then 2 Pizzas for $4.06 (on Rex) and a few beers. Oh yeah i also played Keno and won $3.00! Then we went to The Nugget and Rex lost his money counting on me to throw the dice oh yeah and then a nice band at the bar there waiting on the Keno games which we could wait no longer as we all wanted to rush back to the camper to get online;)~

Rex needed his uniform thats in the wash so he'll be ready for work tomorrow when finally me (Nikki) gets a a vacation..boy now thats a change!!!!

Now its time to check in on all myspace gossip...i'm sure ya'll will hear from me again soon;)



saucersrus said...

Great picture of Nikki and Mary!! Hey Nikki, I thought you quit smoking???


Anonymous said...

this picture is soo sweet!! love it!

hurry back, I kinda miss you. KINDA :)