Sunday, September 23, 2007


I am taking a "scatter gun" approach to today's blog. That means I don't have any particular rhyme or reason, I am just writing about anything that floats through my head.

To begin with, I want to comment on Rex's "nonsense" blog on Friday. It may have been put up in jest....but when it comes to Rex and his was not that far off. In reality Rex easily is online 6 to 8 hours a day..and that's just the days we work, how many hours do you think he logs on a day off? Of course that is why our blog looks very professional and why he was able to learn how to download books for my MP3 player. It is also why our web site was so nice and had a lot of really cute features. He's just interested in so many things and the web allows him to research all the topics that catch his interest. I am, for the most part, the beneficiary of what he learns so am glad he is interested and so patient.

It actually snowed on Thursday night above 7,000 feet. I really didn't like to see that...and it's been COLD....I don't like that much either. On our drive to work yesterday I noticed trees with bright red leaves. We take that same drive every day and I never saw any gradual was just trees. They sure are pretty!!

I was thinking about our blog and the fact that it is over a year old. I actually wrote more blogs last summer. This year I seem to have dropped the ball and left most of the writing to Rex ...good thing we have had help with guest blogist (is that a word?) and I am grateful for that!!

I am sitting here debating over whether or not I should be telling tales out of school. Ya I guess I should.......
Rex is very spoiled. How spoiled you ask?? When he eats he requires his plate "warmed" before his food is put on it. Now is that spoiled or what??

Ok, time is getting is my last day of work so I have been working on last minute stuff so Rex doesn't have to worry while I am gone. Yesterday's project was defrosting the fridge and freezer. Friday's was laundry and floor scrubbing. Never seems to be any shortage of chores, does anyone know why that is?

Anyway I am getting excited about Neil and Kathy's visit tomorrow and Nikki's arrival on Tuesday. I am also getting excited to head out for Wisconsin to see my family. I really miss them!!


saucersrus said...

I'm so glad to know that there is someone taking such good care of my dad. I sure hope he is taking care of you as well. We love you.