Friday, September 28, 2007

We are all packed and ready to roll out @6:12 am... (mom found room for me;) isn't she a doll!! So our destination for the day is Wendover 400 miles! We pass that by at 2ish and decide to keep on until Evanston WY.... its still day light so we say, shit lets keep at it! We are 740.8 miles away from where we started Rock Springs WY!!!

We passed both of our destinations by over a 100 miles!!!! I cannot wait to get home to my kids, and oh yeah my husband too:) Might make it a day ahead of time but am making no promises! The drive was wonderful! Nice roads and not that much traffic we worked it down to a science! Now we are at the Days Inn here and mom has the TV so loud... i cannot hear myself think! Gotta love mom...shes so cute!

So then i find a drive thru liquor store....thats just my style but gotta get up early and be back on the road so no drinking.

Rex made mom a margarita last night and it was so pretty i had to mention it and show a pic!

We never even listened to any books or anything! I have seen so many beautiful things in the last few days....i'll post more pics on my myspace....if anyone wants to check them out! Taking pics driving down the road what great scenery! Of course my kids will be the best part when i get there!!!

Maxine wouldn't even talk to me on the phone..i am sensing some anger;(
She probably thinks i just up and left to never return....but i will be back!!!!!

i left my mark on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah...........

More from the road tomorrow night...shower sleep more travel..ugh! If ya wanna look up my myspace use my email address be back tomorrow!