Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Love the Spooner Lake pics. The last time we were there we were calmly talking German to a Swiss Park Ranger while unwittingly drinking a beer at the same time!! She just laughed and shook her head.......

Loved the story about the English tea/wild rice. I was once in the kitchen by myself and made something that I decided to spice up with some hickory smoke flovoring. The stuff, in turns out, (had I read the package) was not a flavoring but a marinade. For those too stupid to know the difference, a marinade is to make a sauce to soak meat in so it tastes better later. The marinade sauce is then saved for next time or discarded. It is not intended to add to your recipe. The stuff is way powerful, intended to add flavor by leaching into the meat. I thought it was flavoring, so I threw in the whole package! The entire thing went into the trash with the english tea wild rice!

Yes, we are back from our trip. I will write the blog when I get the pictures that my sister-in-law Kathy took.......