Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ready to head back home;)~

This is the best pic Rex says he has seen of Emerald Bay and of course i took it..maybe i should look into making a profit off of it and make it into a postcard;) It is absolutely the most beautiful place i have seen. Glad i got to see it.

That was yesterday...the time change has me all messed up..glad to be heading back home tomorrow...i really need my family even tho i am sure they are just fine and probably not missing me:( So today mom and i went to Taylor Creek to see the salmon... that was weird but very interesting.

I am driving my mother crazy....she will be glad to get me home;) As I will be glad to get there....Jesse (my husband) tells me Maxine has yet to ask about me.....i cannot wait to see the look on her face when i get home to see her! Delilah has been calling checking in on me...she misses me!!! I will be missing the Oktoberfest parade this year:(

Its all good as i have seen 2 men with a banner before!!! Oh yeah we got Rex all hooked up with a myspace....yikes!!! And one last thing i will be glad to get home and sleep in warmth as i froze all night here....HEAT must be a luxury around here!!!!!

Be ready for an update from the road.....

They lay their eggs then bury them and then they die....i guess its called was a beautiful day and the Lake was all shades of blue....kinda like me:) Just kidding!!!!!! But there wasn't a cloud in the sky a perfect day to see the Lake!

Oh yeah we also went to Walmart...thats another place that i have never been...hahahahah!!!! Then back to the camper for mom to pack up the car then tell me she has no room for me......ugh!! Its Miller time!!!!


saucersrus said...

Can you add the MySpace link??


Anonymous said...

Nikki sounds like my kind of traveling. I'd really like to go see places BUT I want to be home in my own bed at night. Kind of hard to see Ireland that way.

Anonymous said...

Nikki, take full advantage of being out traveling!! it is one of life's most breath taking beauties (no, I am not talking about myself) ya, make it home safe and sound (not a quiet sound from you, I already know)