Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nebraska The Never Ending State...Ugh

What a day we have had...yes were both still ALIVE!!!! Mom is finally sleeping so I can finally blog. We are in Lincoln Nebraska less then 500 miles to my family!!!!!! But it has been a very long day...and i decided next time i travel i'll have to go Amtrack.....alone!

So i have seen so much in the last few days my mind is on overload so i just might have to blog again in a week or so! Anyway the Wyoming wildlife...just the way i like it...stuffed and behind glass! I feel a lot safer now and that was at the rest area.

But the more state lines we cross the closer i am to we enter Nebraska..ugh does it ever end???? It is so flat and windy and just blah, however..the rest areas are by far the best we have come across they have both soap and warm water!!! BTW..Nevada's are just outhouses....nasty! I am in my time zone, so i feel great about that!

So i am talking to my sister Heather on the phone and my mom just freaks out i about go into heart failure just to find out there is a bee on her leg (the only picture i didn't get) so we decide to pull off at the next rest area to set it free as it is now in hiding under moms seat when it just flies out right at me!!! Then lands on the window so finally after all that, the bee is set free alive to sting someone other then us;)
i am thinking that Wisconsin really isn't shit when they say the dairy state, as i have seen cows in every state i have been thru... hmmm where are the happy cows really from????

So after 722.4 miles we are tucked safely in the Days inn...eagerly waiting to arrive in Wisconsin but my family will be at the Maple leaf parade for hours after i get home....and driving will be impossible there, so i just might have to walk to find my baby as i am sure Delilah will be hanging out with her friends she really misses me just ask me..she is 13! Then to Luckies bar for a nightcap! We get drinks and when its my turn to buy the $8 drinks i give the bartender a ten and she gives me $11 back.

Moms is about to jump out of her seat when i say sorry about her luck..maybe she should watch what she is doing! Now i am off to bed ready to be with my family....yeah!!!!

I will be putting pics on my myspace when i get to my own computer and the help of my daughter! Oh yeah i am a nonsmoker btw.......don't know why you thought i wasn't!

More from Oktoberfest tomorrow...i'll be home loving my little Maxiner;)


Anonymous said...

On the road again.....its 5am and we wanna find the state line..Outta Nebraska ...and to a Kwik Trip!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that is funny..the only way you like to see wild life stuffed and in a