Friday, September 7, 2007

Moving Day Oops!!

Rex got up early to get things ready for our 30 mile move to Carson City. I got up about 2 hours later--he was actually reading his favorite blogs and drinking coffee for over an hour. Anyway after we got everything travel ready and the truck hooked up to the trailer, we split up. I had last minute errands to run in Lake Tahoe---post office for change of address and the cable company to return the modem for example. Anyway when I finally got to the camp site, Rex had a PROBLEM.

See that door in the back of the camper?? We call that compartment the basement and store the dutch ovens, volcano, and our laundry among other things there.

See the keys----oops one is broken----guess where the broken part is?? Yup it is in the lock of the door to the basement. Not good!! So how are we going to solve this problem???

This is the floor of our bedroom closet and that little trap door is our laundry "chute". We open it and throw our dirty clothes in the basket. The laundry basket is in the "basement". Don't forget our problem....

Here I am after unscrewing the lock so Rex could open the door. I look kind of squished actually, the basement is kinda small.

Moving day is always full of surprises but this is one for the books!!


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the broken key and am glad mom got to stay dressed but i love the pic with her in the basement!!!!! Its always an adventure huh!

Anonymous said...

Brave woman, too claustrophobic for me. And I guess that shows who the real "biggest loser" is, didn't notice Rex in the hole. Way to go Mary.