Thursday, May 17, 2007

All of His Favorite Things

By Mary
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I am actually writing this on Saturday night but it won‘t be posted until I get back to Nevada.

Tonight is my last night in Wisconsin. I am staying at my Mother’s house in Mt. Hope. I left La Crosse this morning at about 11. I wanted to spend some time with my Mother this afternoon but on the way I decided to visit some friends that are staying in Yellow River State Park this week end. For all of you regular blog readers, it is Mark and Jayne. We blogged the e-mail Mark sent us about being at Yellow River this week end. It was great to see them and I scored some fresh “Yellow River” trout!! Thank you Mark and Jayne. Rex will love this treat!

After seeing Mark and Jayne, I went and picked up my Mother. She had already eaten so we went to Lawler Park along the Mississippi River in Prairie. We enjoyed watching the boats and wave runners go by, also all the people watching we were able to do. Then a tour boat came and docked, so we watched them dock, load up with passengers again, and head out. It was interesting as my Mother hadn’t ever watched a boat dock before. Conveniently, The Depot Bar, is located in the park and we were parked right across the street from it. After all that people watching, we decided it was time for a beer, and by golly it tasted pretty good!!

After taking Mother back to Prairie Maison, I stopped at Eunice’s Liquor Store and asked if they had mushroom….yup for $15.00 per pound. So I got 1.5 pounds and as long as I was there I picked up some Schullsburg Baby Swiss cheese.
That completed my list of Rex’s favorite things to bring back to Nevada for him……trout, cheese, and mushrooms!! And what was his best favorite thing…..why that is ME of course!!


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