Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed!!

Mary in
Custom Smiley The eagle has landed....Ok maybe I mean Rex, a former Eagle Scout, has safely landed in Pahrump. I was worried about his traveling without me, but he got there with no problem. The only casualty was an old Kwik Trip coffee cup. I spoke to him this morning before he left so I was able to wish him good luck and remind him of the messed up exit off I15 onto Blue Diamond Road in Las Vegas. Fortunately, we did a dry run of that exit on the 15th when we went to pick up Heather. We knew there was construction there and that it was sort of dicey.

Today I went to spend time with my Mother. She loves ice cream so we went for an ice cream cone. She seems to be doing well. I also made arrangements with my nephew to have happy hour on Friday with him and his girl friend. Sounds like I will be having a busy week.

Tomorrow I am going furniture shopping with Heather, they are remodeling their living room. I was at their house this evening and it is totally gutted....right down to the lathe. I have a feeling it won't be ready for 6 or 7 weeks. Guess I will have to have them send me pictures!!

I was looking over my list of things to accomplish while I am in Wisconsin and I am doing really good. The last big item I have is to have my car serviced. It needs it's 100,000 mile check up. Wonder how much that will cost me???