Monday, May 28, 2007


By Heather
Custom Smiley Tuesday morning we left for Tupelo, Mississippi which is close to where Greg lives. It was a 14 hour drive, we left at 3 am and arrived at 5 pm. Once we were checked into the hotel we went to see Greg. It was about another 20 minutes from the hotel and is in the country. Thankfully we took Randy's parents GPS otherwise we would have never found it on our own. We had a nice visit but didn't stay to long since we had been driving all day.

Wednesday morning we got up and headed to the local zoo. Which was very nice. They had everything from buffalo and giraffes to alligators and monkey. We could feed the animals too. While looking at one of the monkeys, he went after Alisha and Marissa. Apparently this monkey does not like red or pink which is what both of them had on. Good thing they had a very tight fence on the outer layer since they have long arms and would have got them if it wasn't there. Then we headed over to Elvis' Birthplace. It consist of a very tiny house which only is 2 rooms, the whole place would have fit in my living room. We also looked at the gift shop there. It was interesting to see. Around the house there is a date line of his life while he lived there.

Then it was graduation day. We took the kids to a park in the morning to play since graduation was not until 7:30 pm. Greg's Dad, Grandma ( on his dads side), and an aunt were at the same hotel as us so they grilled out chicken and hotdogs during the day so after the ceremony we all could eat there. We all sat around and chatted while we waited for it to start. The ceremony was nice, I was glad it wasn't to hot, but we were in the bleachers for the football field and sitting on those gets hard after awhile and it took 1 1/2 hours. Greg was the first one to go up and get his Diploma and there were 105 in his class. Greg's cap didn't fit so he had to bobby pin it on which wasn't easy since he has little very little hair. that is why his cap is laying on the side of his head. WE took a few pictures after and then headed back to the hotel so everyone could eat and celebrate.

Hope you like the pics!!

Love Ya,