Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Catching Up

Mary in
Custom Smiley Wow, it seems like I haven't blog in a very long time. I told Rex that I would blog today so it is a good thing I have been making notes.

Since I have been driving back and forth every few days between La Crosse and Mt. Hope, (about 90 miles) I have been lucky enough to see many flowering trees. I think they are crab apple trees but I really don't know. They range in color from dark pink to light pink to white and are absolutely gorgeous. Spring in Wisconsin is sure beautiful!!

Last Wednesday, my daughter Heather and I went furniture shopping, well actually looking. Anyway I noticed that the furniture industry has come up with a new piece of furniture. It is call a "chair and a half". It must be their answer to the obesity problem.

I took Delilah the other day to get her state issued photo ID so the airline will fly her home on May 20th. She even looked good in her pic.....oh to be young and cute!! I think she is getting excited about her trip, I sure hope she enjoys it.

My son-in-law, Jesse, owns an irrigation company and this is his busy time, in fact he is booked through July. So the other day he got a call from a guy in Sparta who was desperate. He didn't realize that he couldn't just call someone and have them there next week. Anyway, Jesse being the conscientious go-getter that he is, said he would at least go and look at the job. The guy was telling him that he is having a crew at his place filming and that is why he is so desperate to get the job done. Apparently this guy owns a company that manufactures bows for hunting and some of his celebrity customers are coming to check out his newest bows and do some hunting. Jesse is doing some juggling and working overtime to do the job for him. Anyway to make a long story short, one of the celebrities is Bret Farve!!

While at my Mother's I happened to come across my son's baby book....he just turned 39. Chad sure is enjoying it and I must admit I enjoyed looking through it too. I just wish I would have kept it up better. I think the last entry in it was first grade.

Saturday afternoon my nephew Todd and I went to my brother's farm to look for mushrooms.
We found four, not exactly the treat Rex is expecting!! We did score a lot of wild asparagus though and it was very good. My brother no long puts in crops and has his land in some kind of "don't plant anything" government program. Because of this he has a lot of wildlife roaming around. They have lots of big deer, turkeys, and pheasant. To tell the truth, Saturday was the first time I have seen a male pheasant and I could not believe how absolutely beautiful they are!! The bright red marks on both sides of their heads are really eye catching. We also saw several types of birds.

All in all I have been pretty busy!!