Monday, May 14, 2007

Go West, Young Lady, Go West....Day 1

By Delilah
Custom Smiley I am going to turn this blog over to Delilah, But a few comments first. Today I took my mother out for breakfast to tell her good bye. That was really tough but she is a trooper and knew I was leaving today. I'll be back in October.

Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska are really boring states. I've seen more farms and barns than I've seen in my whole life. We traveled 471.8 miles today, which brought us to Lincoln, Nebraska. After somewhere around 8 hours on the road, we checked into the AmericInn around 8:30. Shortly after, we went to Diary Queen to eat supper. After snacking on string cheese and fruit all day, I was pretty hungry. I can't wait until we get to the camper and lake Tahoe. But after seeing nothing but farms for days at a time, who wouldn't? Tomorrow my grandma plans on driving 12-14 hours. She was pretty overwhelmed to find out Salt Lake City wont be the only large city..Omaha and Lincoln are pretty large. Omaha actually has a larger population than Salt Lake City. My grandma hopes to get to get to the camper on late Tuesday night, but it's only a possibility. I sure hope we can make it happen..because I'm not the kind of person who enjoys sitting in a car all day doing nothing..but ya gotta do what you gotta do.

A note from Grandma....Delilah DID NOT get car sick and we are thrilled!!

A note to Rex.....did you know Omaha has a population of almost 400,000????? And Lincoln a population of 200,000??? What happened to Salt Lake City being the largest city we had to go through???


Nikki said...

Delilah sounds just thrilled!!!! Pinch her or something to get her to spunk up!!!! And stop starving her too!!!! Miss ya Delilah....and safe!