Friday, May 18, 2007

Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Today we went on a cruise to Emerald bay. It was really nice, but COLD. the wind was so strong. The M.S. DIXXIE 2...(the boat that we went on) was made in La Crosse and then shipped to Tahoe in 3 different parts which then was soon re-put together. Then after that we went on a hike. It was easy down but hard getting up.. anyways, once we got to the bottom of our hike, was the lake. The water there was a light green..really pretty. There were HUGE rocks. People that were at the beach that we found were jumping off them into the ICY cold water. I also came across many tiny lizards. I don't have a picture of them, because they are so speedy. Back to the walk up to the car, I thought it was pretty fun, but it was hard too. We had to stop a few times and catch some air. I saw a lot of litter. I don't know, but i have a feeling in the next ten years or so the lake wont be as clear as it is now.. but thats just my thought. We drove around the lake to end our day. Its really nice, and when you drive around it you really get a nice view at some areas and can see how big it really is.

This is the M.S Dixxie the 2.

On the boat...being froze to death.

Lake Tahoe...with the beautiful mountains.

The beach that our hike lead us to.. Rex calls it the nude beach becuase I guess him and my grandma seen people sun-tanning nude. Those are some of the HUGE rocks we came across

This is at the same beach but only on a different side. This is my favorite picture too.

If only there was a little more light..oh well the back view is really pretty.

Thats a part of Eagle falls. It was really pretty..but not all that big.

Thats another beach we came across during a hike. The water is very cold.

I had no clue my grandma was taking this picture. But it would be really nice if I were looking.


Heather said...

looks like you guys are having fun. Wish we could all be there!!