Friday, May 11, 2007

It's Actually OK

Mary in
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While chatting with Rex I had my daughter take a picture I wanted to send to Rex so he would start a draft blog for me. Anyway instead of just sending the one picture I wanted he sent several.

That is one of Maxine that apparently Rex couldn't resist playing with. He likes captions and this is a good one!!

This is Ali Mae and Maxine posing --- I think!

This is the picture I wanted sent. This is a bench that Jesse took out of his boat. It had a dirty white vinyl cover on it. As I have mentioned several times, I am a HGTV junkie and when Jesse said he wasn't going to put the bench back on the boat, I said I would like to do something with it. This is the result!! The fabric is leather like and I also covered the legs as it was a rough wood that could give you slivers if you happened to run your hand over them. New foam padding and batting also helped. Anyway, both Jesse and Nikki like it and that is all that counts!!


saucersrus said...

Go Mary!! The bench looks great. Really enjoy the pictures of the girls most :)