Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pet Store

 By Uncle Hans

Made a big mistake involving Renee and a pet store a few days ago.  I had to go there for a science project I am currently working on involving mice that may someday be a blog if I can get the mice to stop dying for no reason.  Anyway, I was shopping for replacement mice, when this hand raised cockatiel glommed on to Renee right through the cage.  It was love at first sight!  Generally, it is a really bad idea to buy a pet that lives for 20 years on an impulse.   This picture, however, was taken only seconds after he/she was removed from the box.  looks like the beginning of a good thing.....



.....he/she is not shy and loves to be handled.  The actual ownership of my dinner was immediately in dispute.  Naming is up in the air as is the sexual orientation.   The bird will not be coming to South Padre, at least not this time.  That would make unit 304 too much of a zoo!!


By Uncle Hans