Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stuck in Holbrook

Ok, Ok, I know everyone thinks we are leaving the beach on South Padre on Thursday but we actually got in the Honda Tuesday AM at 6:00 AM.  We drove and drove and landed Tuesday night on the West end of El Paso.   That was over 850 miles and 13.5 hours through Corpus Christie, San Antonio, and El Paso  (I only mention that because I was really proud of myself for getting through those big cites all in 1 day).   So we get on the road on Wednesday for an easy drive to Show Low to pick up the truck and a few other things we decided we wanted to have in Mohave Valley. 

We got to Show Low about 12:30, picked up the stuff we wanted and the truck that we had loaded.  Loaded means we also have put the scooter on it’s rack and attached to the truck and headed out.   We intended to go to Winslow, AZ to spend the night so we would get home early on Thursday.  We decided to gas up in Holbrook…….so WTF… happens….the truck WILL NOT START.   Fortunately, there is a Ford dealer about ONE MILE away.  It only cost $100 to get the truck towed there!!

They can’t get truck started either…so we went to a local hotel, checked in and waited to hear from them.  When they called, the verdict was…fuel pump!!  When the fuel pump, labor, and etc. was added up we were over $1,000…..

That sucks…..but what do you do???  Hopefully they will have it installed on Thursday and we can be on our way, without having to spend another night in Holbrook!!