Wednesday, October 15, 2014


It’s not Monday so we will go see turtles!! 



Sea Turtle, Inc. is an organization that rescues and rehabilitates sea turtles.


Sea Turtle, Inc. was founded by this incredible lady, Ila Fox Loetscher (1904-2000).  This lady, originally from Iowa, led a very long and interesting life.  She was a friend of Ameila Earhart and became the first woman to obtain a pilot’s license from the state of Iowa.

The turtle pictured with her here is Gerry, known as Geraldine until the age of 25, when it was discovered that “she” was in fact, “he”.  Ila took Gerry around the country lecturing about the plight of sea turtles, even appearing on the  Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.







The turtles are housed in large tanks until they are rehabilitated enough to go back into the wild or deemed unsuitable for release due to severe injuries.  Most injuries occur when they become entangled in fishing lines, ropes, or tangle with propellers or other boat things.


OOPS!!!  These two turtles look really strange.  Don’t think they will make it back in the wild.  Or are they just wild anyway???