Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sand Castle Days

We got to South Padre Island, Texas just in time for the 27th annual Sand Castle Days.  When we were here 10 years ago we got to see the remnants of the sculptures of that year’s exhibits.  At that time they were still beautiful but disintegrating.  This year we were in time to see beginning to end.

There was 10 to 12 sand sculptures competing so we decided to concentrate on one of them and show what we could from start to finish.


 For whatever reason, we decided to follow Abe Waterman and his sculpture.  Although we didn’t know it at the time he is a Canadian and has competed in the S.P.I.  competition before.

Here are the pictures we took over 3 days of his creation.





You see these forms, but what you don’t see is how much work he put in to fill each form, it was sand, water, tamp it down by foot (he looked like he was stamping grapes) and a tool that was flat on the bottom with a long handle, repeat, repeat, and repeat again and again.



His creation taking shape….it amazes me how smooth  and sharp this looks.


Here is Abe working on his sculpture.


This guy looks so lifelike, especially his facial features.


This is the finished sculpture.  Pretty cool!!


Who knew that we would have chosen the one artist  to follow that would take first place.  Now that is what I call dumb luck!!