Saturday, October 18, 2014

Texas Olive Ranch Part 2

I forgot to mention that the Texas Olive Ranch is located at Carrizo Springs, Texas, a small town of about 5500.  That is where the olives are grown and pressed.  The oil is actually bottled in Austin.


These are my cousin’s two sons that work the business with him.  Matthew on the left and Josh on the right.  Matthew was on vacation so we didn’t get to meet him but Josh was on hand.  He constantly checked on the progress of the press and was sort of like a “brew master”.  He also works in sales and marketing.


This is a pile of olive byproduct.  It is dry like coffee grounds.  They use some of it like a “mulch” around the trees.  It can also be mixed with molasses and used as livestock feed.


This container of olives turned into….


this in about 2 hours.  Isn’t that amazing??


Ah, the finished, bottled product.  I love the cowgirl on the label!!   This brand is carried by Whole Foods and H-E-B grocery stores in Texas.  It can also be ordered online at

After  visiting the ranch and seeing this process, I feel that I’ve see the “real” Texas gold!!


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