Wednesday, July 11, 2007


By Mary
Custom Smiley I have a friend named Linda...she has been a friend of mine since we were six year old first graders so I guess that means we have been friends for about 51 years.....WOW. Having a friend that you have known for that long is very comforting and special if for no other reason than to prove to yourself that at one point you actually were six years old.

Knowing someone in that context is so cool, they understand so much about you and your idiosyncrasies because they know as much about your background as you do theirs. You have so many shared points of reference and know so many of the same people.

Linda and I only see each other about once or twice a year and we don't correspond much but that really doesn't matter. We always pick up right where we left off. It is a truly amazing and comforting relationship not to mention long lasting! I am blessed!


Anonymous said...

whats the she coming to visit or something????