Sunday, July 1, 2007

Are You Ready to Salivate!!

By Mary
Custom Smiley Since we saw Paula Deen make sticky buns the other day, we decided we needed to have some.....

We bake the sticky buns outdoors in the Dutch Oven over charcoals.

Fortunately we had all of the ingredients on hand so we didn't even have to go to the store.

Pan preparation is important, otherwise it is a real mess to clean.

Ah...the finishing touches. After this they just have to raise all night.

Worth the wait...too bad you can't smell them. Oh can you tell we almost forgot the "finished product" picture????


Anonymous said...

We "forgot" the final product picture a few years ago making sausage. We fried up a ring of sausage for the picture, but it got eaten before we could take the picture. We just decided to fry up some more for the picture. The second batch tasted even better than the first!!


cs said...

Yummo! We have a dutch oven and we haven't used it yet. But now you make me want to haul the heavy thing out and get it going.
Are you back in Tahoe yet?

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

And is there a "recipe" for these delicious looking Sticky Buns????