Monday, July 9, 2007


By Mary
Custom Smiley Harrah's is currently the largest gaming company in the world. It currently has the most properties of any gaming company. Part of the reason for their success is their liberal comping reputation. Comps are actually "freebies" given to players. They can range from a pack of cigarettes to a free meal for the average player all the way to trips for whales (very high end players). I heard of some trips to Venezuela for grouse hunting!! I am sure these whales get stuff I can only dream about.

In the spirit of high end players, Harrah's in Lake Tahoe recently remodeled the 17th floor of their hotel for the "whales" and made themed suites. Each suite is furnished differently. These suites were just completed about a week ago and Harrah's set up tours of two of them for employees that wanted to see them. Rex and I were on the 8:30 am tour on our day off - I really wanted to see them. I asked the guy conducting the tour if pictures were permitted and thankfully he said yes.....unfortunately the pics aren't really that great but they will give you an idea of the luxuriousness of these suites. Oh and these suites are mostly comped to "whales". I never did get an answer to my question about the per day price of these suites.

This is a shower in one of the is all glass and I would hate to be a member of the housekeeping staff when it comes time to clean them. Rex didn't get a picture of the large mirrors in these bathrooms but in the mirrors (the s indicating plural is correct!) there is actually a flat screen TV. Each bathroom also had a spa tub for soaking.

This guy was our tour guide, he is one of the butlers assigned to the guests. They are at the beck and call of the guest. He is standing behind the "in suite" bar which is a beautiful marble. Oh and in addition to his white gloves, he has tails.

A sitting room in the suite complete with a plasma screen TV and fireplace.

A side shot of the bar that shows the dining room. Notice the beautiful red chandelier that is also reflected on the marble bar top.

This is a shot of the bar in the second suite we toured. No expense spared!!

Oh and you sure can't ignore the view.....

Unfortunately, this picture was taken during the fire at South Lake Tahoe and that explains the haze. It also explains why you can't see beautiful Lake Tahoe.


Anonymous said...


Hopefully it is not too late to book one of those suites for Mom when she comes out this winter! We need to start planning that trip and the 80th birthday event. Let us know dates. we would like to come out for a few days. I believe I am off Jan 12th weekend and the 26th weekend. The 26th weekend and the few days before or after would be the best for us.....