Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Turn

By Mary
Custom Smiley We worked until 9 PM tonight-Friday. On the way home Rex says, "I don't have a blog to put up for tomorrow and I really don't feel like writing one." Ok so I said if you take a picture for me and put it up, I will write one. We got home but I think he forgot about the picture because he logged on to his computer, found out his 30 day WY-FI connection expired, turned it off, and went to bed. Guess I will have to wing it!!!!

Actually he is laying in bed watching a George Burns concert on PBS. It is pretty funny....George Burns is a timeless classic!!

So the reason he didn't just pull out his credit card and sign up for another 30 days is that he ordered a bunch of stuff that will enable us to use the Internet wherever we are, using something called an aircard and a big antenna. I don't pretend to know how any of this stuff works...that is strictly his department but it is all suppose to arrive via Federal Express on Monday, hence a day or two without Internet. That actually isn't true either because my computer is hooked up with a cable connection and he can always use it, but he doesn't like to. We tend to prefer our own laptops!! I really think part of the reason he made the decision to go with an aircard is because we have had so many problems getting both computers hooked up. Both of our laptops should work with this cable connection using a router...but we could not make it happen and to just avoid the aggravation, he signed up for the RV parks WY-FI. I am sure that Monday and/or Tuesday's blog will have lots of comments about our attempts to install an antenna, air card, and all the other hardware that Federal Express is suppose to bring. I will definitely need a cocktail hour after that!!

Rex wrote about the Celebrity Golf tournament that is currently being hosted in Lake Tahoe by Harrah's. It is a real big deal and lots of famous people attend and play. Today and tomorrow (Sat. and Sun.) this tournament will be televised live on NBC. Friday, it was televised on ESPN. Quite a few of the NBC employees have been playing in our casino the last couple of days. Most of them are people that work behind the scenes with graphics and other technical jobs. All of the ones I have dealt to are very nice.

That is about all I have to say for now....except...please vote in Rex's poll..he really loves that stuff!!