Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monday At Home

By Mary
Custom Smiley Do you know what BB'08 is??? It is what the vacation we will be taking in 2008 is called. We all know Rex likes to name our big vacations. Last year's vacation with Amy and her family was called The Great Nevada RV Adventure. It was a great success by the way. What does BB '08 stand for? Beach Bumming '08....yup our vacation next year involves a lot of beaches and swimming. I am sure in upcoming months you will hear the details of this vacation, but I am only bringing it up to explain why we are spending most of our days off at home. We are saving up for BB '08!!

So that gets me to today....a day off. It came with the usual household chores, vacuuming, mirror cleaning, dusting, laundry, etc., etc. So of course we cooked dinner which we thoroughly love to do. So here comes pictures of supper..

Rex opted for onions as his side dish. This purple onion that I got at last week's farmer's market was sliced, then drizzled with olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and a spice blend. It was then wrapped in foil and place on the grill....really tasty when it was done!!

Again this year I have a little herb garden so I made sure our supper called for fresh rosemary!!

This is a 2# pork loin which I butterflied and pounded down a little. I then spread this mixture of Parmesan cheese, pepper, garlic, rosemary, fennel seed, and olive oil on it. While cooking on the grill it was basted with a mixture of white wine and olive oil. I got this recipe online at http://www.cookingclass.joanneweir.com/. Joanne Weir has a cooking show on PBS that I have watched. I saw her make this recipe and thought it looked really good and I was right!!

After spreading on the mixture you roll the loin back together and tie it with cooking string.

So here is the roast on the grill, along with my side dish which is grilled carrots, baby bokchoy, and baby endive which I drizzled with olive oil, lime juice, and turmeric.

Ready to eat........................it was all great!! This recipe is a keeper and we will make it again. I will also try it using different spices.


cs said...

You know, we just started BBQ-ing veges this year and really like them that way now. Your dinner looks ma-vel-uuus! We are off to Farragut State park, northern Idaho, tomorrow-Sunday. And now record heat wave coming in up here..105-107F. Kayaking with the girls will be our existence this week! And then in to BBQ veges and get out the blender. Thanks for sharing another good recipe. CS