Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tahoe Tourists

We had today off and had our usual list of errands. We started out at Taylor Creek. I bought a t-shirt there on Tuesday but needed to exchange it today. This t-shirt is so cute, it says "Let The Forest Be With You". I really like it. As long as we were there we decided to do the "Rainbow Trail" hike.

The next item on our list was to check out the new grocery store in town. It is called The Grocery Outlet and is sort of like a grocery warehouse. We both agreed that this store will do very well here in Lake Tahoe. The other grocery stores, Raley's and Safeway, are very expensive. We liked the prices and felt they compared favorably with Wal-Mart. Of course the selection is not as great but we can certainly get by.

Then it was on to the bank. My bank doesn't have a branch or ATM here so when I need cash, I write Rex a check and he gets me cash from his bank. It is a pain for him but it's the only way I can get cash without paying the exorbitant ATM fees in a casino and he really doesn't mind too much.

Tomorrow night after work I have signed up to walk in the "Relay For Life". It is an event that goes from 5PM on Saturday night and ends at 9AM Sunday morning. It is a fund raiser for cancer research. The casino I work for is one of the sponsors, the object is for people to walk all night representing the fact that cancer never rests so neither do volunteers and least that is how I understand it. Anyway to make a long story short, the bank is by the park we will be walking in so I took Rex there to see it.

By this time we were both hungry, so Rex suggested I take him out for lunch. WOW, this is an EVENT, we next to never eat out but I had been wanting to go to a place I had heard about a couple of months ago. So we show up at Zan's Lakeside Beach Grille. Our timing was just right because we got seated right away, but within minutes there was a line to get in. As you can imagine, seating is limited at the grille. Rex and I split an order of pan seared halibut with home made potato chips. It was $15 and Rex's beer was $7 a can. Not a cheap place!! So anyway there is an interesting story about this place. The owner's name is Zan Miller. Now Zan is kind of an unusual name. Come to find out, this man's father was Johnny Weismiller, the actor that portrayed Tarzan in the movies in the 40s. Apparently his father appreciated the role so much he named his son Tarzan. Understandably, the son didn't appreciate it quite as much so shortened his name to Zan Miller.

By this time we are actually feeling like tourists so we decided to stop, look, and see stuff we have been driving by for three years. One place I noticed for the first time a few weeks ago, The Picchetti Winery. So I went into their tasting room and tasted 5 of their wines for a $5 fee. Of course I ended up buying one and they do not have cheap wines so will probably not be going back again for a long time, but it was fun.

Next we walked down to Reagan Beach, named for Ronald Reagan. It is one of the few places that you can actually get to the beach without paying money. That lake and beach are so beautiful.

Of course no tourist-ty day is complete without stopping for cocktails. We tried out a new bar called "The Peanut Bar". As the name implies, there was no shortage of salted in the shell peanuts.

Then it was home for a supper of grilled chicken legs.....they were good!! Now it is time for a new episode of Monk...then bedtime. Click the link below to see all the pictures from today.

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